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The BSP™31 Label Attachment System is designed to mechanically fasten an adhesive label to a tissue cassette before the tissue-embedding process. This easy-to-use unit creates rivets on the label which prevent the label from detaching.


Introducing the Wraptor™ Wire ID Printer Applicator from Brady - the automated print and apply machine that makes wire and cable identification faster and easier.


The BSP61 Print and Apply System is precision developed for applications such as PCB assembly and marking, component and product marking in high quality and demanding industries like automotive, electronics, manufacturing and laboratory


Fast, effi cient and easy to use, the ALF14 label Feeder offers automated label application at affordable prices. Labels are simply treated like any other component and placed with the accuracy of your pick and place machine. Its compact and durable design allows for fl exibility and simplicity, bringing automated traceability within everyone’s reach.


With the BSP45 Automated Sleeve Applicator a cable sleeve can be applied 6 to 10 seconds faster. This results in considerable savings on the installed cost of cable sleeves. On top of this, BSP45 takes away the tediousness of applying hundreds of cable sleeves and is durable, reliable and easy to use.