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Portable Printers

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Combining a tough exterior with smart printing capabilities, the BMP21-LAB hand-held label printer can take a hit and still perform. Laboratory symbols & vial/tube auto-sizing, plus drop-lock-and go cartridges, plus a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, plus a two year warranty adds up to a powerful and affordable tool for quick and efficient label making in any type of laboratory. High quality label materials designed specifically for

the laboratory environment create durable, professional looking labels for your laboratory samples and beyond.



Designed for Laboratory

Materials available for applications such as cryo vials and slides

Greek symbols commonly used in laboratory, intuitive menu structure for symbols

Vial label function automatically cuts the tape according to the size of the vial

Automated serialisation

Time & Date stamp

Easy to use

3 line LCD display provides clear visibility

ABC keypad, graphics library, hot keys and menu functions for fast label creation

Long life rechargeable Lithium-ion battery*

Smart Cell Technology for automatic label setup

Automatic label formatting for commonly used label types in laboratory

Magnet* for more convenient use and storage on smaller laboratory benches and

a lanyard for hands-free operation

Ergonomic, centre balanced printer with grab and go ridges grip for easy handling

Exceptional material variety and durability

Laboratory specific materials designed to withstand harsh laboratory environments.

High quality, long lasting labels that stick and stay stuck

Prints durable true-sized 6 – 19 mm wide identification to maximise amount of data

Adjust the length of the labels using the high performance continuous material

Fulfill your requirements with up to 7 different industry specified materials that last


Ultra thin all white polyester labels for vials, tubes

and conical tubes

Clear polyester labels for labelling of bottles,flasks and dishes

Chemical-resistant polyester labels for slides