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Brady has developed a unique set of products for the

histology and anatomic pathology market in order

to guarantee pre-process identification for tissue

samples allowing traceability throughout laboratory

processes as well as long term storage (<20 years).+

The BSP™31 Label Attachment System is designed

to mechanically fasten an adhesive label to a tissue

cassette before the tissue-embedding process. This

easy-to-use unit creates rivets on the label which

prevent the label from detaching during the embedding

process or during long-term storage.

When a cassette is inserted into the front of the unit, a

clamp automatically grabs the cassette. In less than a

minute, four small heat probes pierce through the label

and front plastic of the cassette. Heat applied to the

probes melts the cassette plastic and forms rivets on

the label. When the unit retracts the probes from the

cassette, the cassette is released and the user can

remove it and place the biospecimen into the cassette.

The BSP31 unit must be used exclusively with Brady

B-482 label material and the R-6400 thermal transfer

printer ribbon.



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