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Benchtop Printers 

The BSP™41 Wire and Panel Identification Printer is an ideal

print on-demand solution to create highly visible and durable

monocolour rigid identification tags for cables, terminal blocks,

push buttons and other electrical components.

Coupled with Matrix software, BSP41’s A4 printing surface

enables users to quickly and efficiently print tags for various

applications. Easily connect the robust, industrial inkjet printer to

any PC via USB or Ethernet to solve your identification needs.

Wide range of tags

Brady offers a wide range of rigid tags to cover a great number

of applications in the electrical industry. If you need a tag to

identify an electrical component, the BSP™41 Wire and Panel

Identification Printer will be able to print it.

Every tag that can be printed with the BSP41 can also be used

with Brady’s VP600 Plotter enabling you to use your entire tag

inventory on both systems.


■  Cables and wires

■  Terminal blocks

■  Push buttons

■  Equipment

■  Name plates

■  Channels


■  Automation

■  Electrical panel builders

■  Machine tool builders



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