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In Aerospace and Defence, maximum reliability in identifying wires and components is key to guarantee an optimal uptime of vehicles. Brady’s identifying labels and tags are laboratory tested to defy extreme temperatures, liquids, solvents and generally harsh environments

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Industry expertise to support you

As world leader in identification solutions and workplace safety, Brady is a trusted long-term partner for many advanced industries and companies. We take pride in offering the best solutions possible, answering challenges set by industries, by the environment they operate in, or by legislative bodies.

Brady already offers numerous identification solutions tailored to specific industries. However, if you have specific identification needs never hesitate to contact us for assistance.



Speed and flexibility are important in the Electrical market. Brady’s clear, methodical, durable and highly mobile identification solutions reduce downtime by 80%, speed up fault finding by 75% and speed up installation by 20%.

Chemical, Oil and Gas

Brady is a global business partner you can rely on for safety and identification products, services and support. We help you drive and sustain process safety and operational excellence initiatives, so you can competitively produce high-quality products in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

Food and Beverage

Food safety requirements prevented food & beverage industries from using lean & safety signage in their production units, resulting in a higher than average number of accidents. Today, Brady Toughwash™ signage creates new opportunities to increase both food and employee safety.

Datacom Telecom

In ICT & Telecom, swift identification and recovery of both wires and components is important to get applications back online fast, and avoid upsetting customers. Brady offers easy-to-apply solutions with maximum durability and readability for all identification challenges the industry faces.


Brady identification solutions ensure sample integrity by offering identification labels that remain intact for life. Heated, or frozen, our specifically developed labels for laboratories will always be present and legible.

Process Industry

Brady is the global leader in workplace safety and compliance solutions. Whether you are in mining, oil and gas production, food or chemical processing, Brady has solutions to keep your workforce safe and your company compliant. faces.

Mass Transit

In Mass Transit any identifying label, marker or tag has to withstand aggressive solvents and temperatures without suffering losses in visibility or readability. Brady offers tailored high-performance solutions, fully answering the industry’s challenges.


Tracing and identifying the millions of components manufactured, transported and assembled into new automobiles daily around the world is a major challenge. Brady offers globally available and fully automated identification solutions to support greater production throughput and increased quality.