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ISO Safety signs

EN ISO 7010 was first introduced in 2003, updated in 2012 and is now a

European norm which provides a standardised, easy-to-comprehend safety

message wherever you are, whatever language is used.

Why EN ISO 7010?

The purpose of the standard is to introduce a globally recognised range of safety pictograms. Although many will already be familiar, some are new introductions.

While any new compliance regulations are unlikely to demand immediate

change, it is always best practice to keep your safety signage aligned with

the new, compliant symbols to avoid confusion.

Where does EN ISO 7010 apply?

The standard covers safety signs in workplaces and other locations where

people need to be informed about safety matters from emergency exits to

hazardous areas.

What does Brady offer?

Brady always offers the latest safety signage to guarantee your compliance to regulation. EN ISO7010:2012 safety signs are available in different materials for maximum durability in different industrial contexts.