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Safety Facility & Identification Distributors -

Lockout Tagout, Area Marking, Visual Tagging, Logistics, Pipe Marking, Signs, Safety Identification Printers.

Cable & Wire Identification Distributors -

WID Printers, Tags, Cable Ties, Heatshrink, Wire Markers, Cable Markers, Panel & Distribution board labelling, Electrical Safety lockouts.

Datacom/Telecom Distributors -

Lead markers, Patch panel labels, Rack labels, Velcro cable ties, WID Printers.

Product Identification and Printed circuit board labels Distributors -

Asset identification, Product identification, Tractability solutions, PCB labels.

Grafo Wiremarkers Africa supports very specialised range of products grouped in portfolio’s. Our distribution network is also setup to support in fields of speciality. We have five different types of distributors - some of which supports more than one type of portfolio group.  Click below to find a distributor in the portfolio that you are looking for.

Laboratory Identification Distributors -

Sample and Specimen identification.

Distributors by geographical area

Limpopo Distribution Guateng Distributors Northwest Distribution Mpumalanga Distribution Freestate Distribution KZN Distribution Eastern Cape Distribution Western Cape Distribution Northern Cape Distribution

On-line buying via distribution.

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